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Our declaration of our values
and aims at Be Amazing NYC

We value respect and support

Be Amazing NYC is committed to providing a friendly, safe, diverse and inclusive environment for all of our customers. Whether it's interactions between Be Amazing NYC and our customers, social media participation, promotions by Be Amazing NYC, or product reviews left by customers, we hope that everyone will be supportive and respectful.

Be your best self everyday

Each day, we encourage ourselves and our customers to be their best selves:


  • Live your life authentically.

  • Demonstrate empathy, kindness, and acceptance toward other people.

  • Be respectful of differing opinions, viewpoints, and experiences even if you do not agree with what is being said.

  • Strive for resolution before conflict.

  • Accept that we are human and by making mistakes we are creating learning experiences.

  • Give and graciously accept constructive feedback.

  • Make positive affirmations and honor a person's preferred pronouns.

  • Be mindful of sensitive or triggering topics.

  • Acknowledge personal responsibility and accountability.

  • Realize each day is a day to manifest change and progress.

  • Focus not only on what is best for us as individuals, but also on what is best for our community.

  • Practice patience and tolerance towards others who are different from us.

  • Help others when they need it, and reciprocate when you can.

  • Advocate for equal rights for all.

  • Instead of toxicity, hatred, and judgement, spread good will. Love always wins.

Be confident in yourself

Being confident in the choices you make is essential to being a fully realized human being. Do everything with purpose and leave nothing to chance. Be confident in sharing your vision and defend what you believe in. Accept yourself as you are. It is important to love yourself and realize that there are others who love you as well. You are worthy, deserving, and valued here at Be Amazing NYC. 

Be a good listener

Talk less and listen more. Listening shows respect and regard for the people you are interacting with. It helps demonstrate that you care about others and what they have to say. When you are a good listener, people will tend to listen more carefully to you, as well. Listen to what others have to say, try to understand their views, and respect their experiences. You will build trust and make connections. Listening is also a great resource for solving problems.

Be patient

Everything that matters takes time, whether it’s as small as improving a skill or as monumental as creating positive change in the world. Be patient. In the end, everything works out for the best sometimes even in unexpected ways.

We are stronger together

Collective power is the result of people working together. People create change in numbers.

Make your own path

Do not let the views of others discourage you from following your own path. Be honest with yourself and follow your heart. Only you can go down the path laid out before you. Define your own journey on your terms.

Take time for self-care

Sometimes you just have to hit the pause button and that's okay. We understand and have all been in this situation. There are some things that you cannot control today or even tomorrow. Focus on what is most essential for your well-being and happiness. Do not overwhelm yourself and set small goals that you can accomplish easily. Set boundaries and be assertive in enforcing them. Practice mindfulness and try to be present in the moment in whatever you are doing. Most of all, realize that you are not alone. We are here to support you. 

Do not tolerate inappropriate behavior

While we respect differing opinions, viewpoints, and experiences even if we do not always agree, we do not and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior: on our website, in our interactions with others, and on our social media platforms. We will not accept:

  • Discriminative or hate speech related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental health condition, socioeconomic status or background, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, race, abilities, or religion. No exceptions.

  • Patronizing, passive-aggressive, intimidating, condescending, or sarcastic language or behavior.

  • Public or private harassment, bullying, shaming, or deliberate intimidation.

  • Use of nudity and/or sexual images, language of a sexual nature, sexual attention, sexual harassment, or advances of any kind.

  • Stalking or following.

  • Not respecting other's privacy or revealing someone else’s private information. Doxxing is illegal and will be reported.

  • Infringing copyrights or someone's intellectual property, or encouraging others to engage in copyright infringement.

  • Encouraging self-harm or wishing harm on others.

  • Trolling or spamming.

  • Spreading misinformation, false claims, or making derogatory statements.

  • Engaging in illegal activities.

  • Violence of any kind.

  • Misrepresenting who you are for nefarious purposes.

  • Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate at our discretion.

  • Social media and other places where we interact with the public are actively monitored and moderated by Be Amazing NYC.

  • Nevertheless, if you experience any inappropriate behavior or see any inappropriate behavior occurring, please email us immediately at so that we can remediate the situation.